The Big 6

Teaching School Alliances will coordinate expertise and skill from across their Alliance to support six key areas.

1. Training new entrants to teaching

(Alliance Lead: Boldmere Juniors)

The BTSA aims to do this by:

  • Developing and leading ITT partnerships
  • Recruiting trainees to the Schools Direct scheme
  • Working to ensure the best possible training and support for new teachers.

2. Leading peer-to-peer learning (CPD) by:

(Alliance Lead:  Boldmere Infants)

  • Developing programmes to meet the needs of the Alliance and beyond e.g NQT and NQT + 1 programmes
  • Offering bespoke CPD to schools and school leaders, using the expertise of the Alliance to identify trainers and training
  • Working with national programme providers to bring the best training to BTSA e.g. ITP; OTP; NASENCO
  • Working with licensees to provide access to the National College Leadership Curriculum programmes including NPQH, further details at

3. Spotting, nurturing and developing future leaders by:

(Alliance Lead:  Holland House)

  • Auditing and understanding the future leadership needs of the alliance
  • Working with the Alliance to identify those with potential for senior school leadership and headship
  • Providing talent development opportunities across the alliance e.g shadowing and mentoring opportunities


4. Providing support for other schools by:

(Alliance Lead: Penns Primary School)

  • Auditing support capacity from within the Alliance and using expertise and skills to offer bespoke support to schools and school leaders e.g. Combination of NLE, LLE, SLE and other teacher support as diagnosed
  • Focusing always on impact on standards

5. Designating and broking Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) to:

(Alliance Lead: Whitehouse Common)

  • Work beyond their own school using identified skills in particular areas, for example: a subject specialism; inclusion; ITT mentoring; performance management; behaviour; school business management
  • BTSA will designate and broker SLE placements

6. Engage in research and development by:

(Alliance Lead: Maney Hill)

  • Working with HEI and other partners and networks to engage in research and development activities
  • Providing opportunities for training, sharing expertise and wider dissemination of ‘what works’
  • Engaging with R & D opportunities presented by NCTL to Teaching School Alliances