Trainee Support


Throughout your school based experiences, you will be supported day to day as you work alongside a designated, outstanding class teacher in your Home and Host school.  They will be there for you to watch and learn from and we hope that you will build a professional relationship with them that will provide you with the skills to become an outstanding teacher too. You will also receive professional guidance from an experienced mentor throughout the year in both your Home and Host schools.

They will be there to help make sure all elements of the statutory requirements of your work as a PGCE student are met, but they will also be a source of advice and support to you as a trainee teacher.  We have designed this support package building on our successful model of working with PGCE and ITT trainees which provides an enhanced level of support from our School Based Mentors.

To help ensure this approach is consistent across all of the schools our trainees are placed in, the programme is coordinated and led by our own Mentor Coordinator.   They have responsibility for ensuring the highest possible standards are maintained throughout your training.   Working in close partnership with BCU, they regularly visit each of the schools you could be placed in to support mentors in their role, as well as monitoring your progress while on placement alongside the quality of your school experiences and support.

Our Highly Employable Teacher programme has been designed to ensure all our training and development is purposeful and meaningful in the context of our Alliance schools.  Finally, our unique model of partnership means that all School Direct trainees have the same Faculty Link Tutor from BCU.  This means that we are able to build even stronger partnerships between BTSA and BCU and are able to work closely to address any concerns you may have.

Jane Smith BA Hons NPQH

Mentor Co-ordinator