BTSA School Direct Programme

The BTSA School Direct route to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), provides practical and supported teacher training experiences in different schools within the Alliance. Your training will include a minimum of 120 days teaching practice in school and 60 days of BTSA and BCU based training. The majority of the 120 school days will take place in your Home School but you will also undertake a shorter block placement in a Host School, also within the Alliance.

You will receive training sessions at Boldmere Teaching School designed and delivered by expert practitioners from across our Alliance schools and our Mentor Coordinator will provide ongoing support throughout the year to each cohort of trainees. Successful completion of our Programme leads to the internationally recognised Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE).  You also have the option to use your award towards further study at Masters Level as students of BCU.

Our support does not stop when you have gained QTS, as BTSA offers further opportunities to experience a wide range of high quality training as NQTs and beyond.  Many of the teachers in our schools began their careers as students in our schools and have built professional relationships with colleagues which go well beyond their initial teacher training.  All commend the positive impact being part of our Alliance has had.