Fiona Milward


Name: Fiona Milward


School: Whitehouse Common Primary School


Position: Deputy Head Teacher


Area of Specialism(s)


Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management of the curriculum

Leadership and Management of English


Possible areas of support


Leadership and Management

I whole-heartedly believe in the power of coaching, motivating and supporting colleagues and I always feel a great sense of pride when developing others. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to nurture them and to ensure that they flourish, particularly those who are beginning their leadership journey. From my own experience I know that people often have fantastic ideas and a clear vision but they may lack the confidence in their own expertise along with the clarity of the steps they need to take in order to achieve them. Sometimes we all need someone to believe in us and a guiding hand to help us on our way. Trust, honesty and respect are integral in empowering others to make the changes that will impact on learning and teaching alongside progress and attainment.


Two examples of the impact I have had are:

  • The coaching and close support of a Y3/4 Phase Leader in developing her skills in the analysis of data for her Phase and then identifying the next steps. On-going coaching allowed her to see implications that she had not considered. Through an increase in skills she was able to identify vulnerable groups and put into practise measures to address this with clear measurable outcomes that had an impact on standards. She successfully completed her MDLP and used this as case study evidence.
  • As part of my NPQH I have been coaching two newly appointed Literacy co-ordinators in a large inner city school. Due to the size of the school, one co-ordinates Key stage 1 Literacy and the other co-ordinates Key Stage 2 Literacy. I have enabled them to see the importance of each other’s role and the need for them to be working together, yet at the same time allowing each other flexibility & freedom to develop Literacy in a way that may not be suitable for the other Key Stage. To date they have identified their key values and vision, they have reviewed their current curriculum and are now in the process of identifying ways in which they can develop the curriculum. They are feeling empowered to make changes and we are currently exploring ways to make those alterations so that staff gain the freedom to teach in an inspirational way yet also provide support for those that may feel anxious by the changes.


Excerpts related directly to the Leadership and Management within school from our most recent Ofsted (30.11.12):

  • Senior leaders are relentless and successful in their drive for further improvement.
  • Staff readily rise to the high expectations their leaders have of them, and they very much appreciate the support they are given to improve their teaching.
  • This has led to much better use of assessment to make sure work is at the right level for all pupils.
  • The school leadership strives for excellence in all aspects of school life. It is very well placed to sustain the currently high standards and improve teaching and learning further.
  • It has a very strong grip on the development needs of individual members of staff. It meets these needs exceptionally well through challenging performance management objectives that are closely linked to accurate self-evaluation and the priorities that arise from it.
  • Staff readily accept and act on advice given. They speak highly of how well the school leadership supports them. Morale is high and teamwork very strong as teachers strive to do their best for the pupils

Leadership and Management was judged Outstanding.

Leadership and Management of the curriculum

I have always been actively involved in leading the curriculum across the school and through this have been instrumental in the development of Teaching & Learning and Assessment strategies as curriculums have been introduced and amended


Recently I have coached the newly appointed Creative Curriculum leader in terms of curriculum development, monitoring and delivering CPD to the staff alongside her skill development of holding others to account.


As the lead for all subject co-ordinators across the school I ensure a vigorous monitoring and review process through which co-ordinators clearly understand the importance of their role and how crucial it is that they demonstrate to SLT, other staff and governors the impact that their leadership is having. They feel confident and empowered to support other members of staff, undertake a variety of monitoring activities to ensure that the pupils are offered challenge and variety within the curriculum and standards and expectations remain high.


Excerpts from our most recent Ofsted (30.11.12) where inspectors highlighted the curriculum as a strength:

“The school creates a vibrant, exciting and safe environment for the pupils that results in much enjoyment in learning.”

“Very-well-planned topic work takes account of what pupils say they would like to learn. It includes many opportunities for pupils to practise, consolidate and extend their literacy and numeracy skills in different subjects.”


“Pupils have many excellent opportunities to reflect on their learning and link it to everyday events.”

Leadership and Management of English

From 2000 – 2002 I was seconded to Sandwell Local Education Authority as a Literacy Consultant. This involved delivering a variety of materials written by the National Literacy Strategy to audiences of teachers and Head Teachers. I also supported a number of schools by coaching their Literacy Leaders and supporting members of staff whose teaching practices required improvement. From the date of my secondment to present day I continue to be actively involved in the leadership and management of English across the school. This has included the successful mentoring of newly appointed Literacy leaders alongside the current work with regard to my NPQH.