Feedback from Students



Feedback from School Direct Students



Support From Schools.

“Mentor was always checking I had everything I needed”

“The feedback after observations was always useful.  I received support to act on it, targets were clearly explained and support and guidance put in place to ensure progress”

“Lots of praise and feedback helped make sure my teaching was developed.”

“If there were any concerns, I had support to act on them”


Developing Teaching Skills

“The sessions were really helpful for me when it came to planning my own lessons – thinking about the different ways I can differentiate and meet different needs.  The sessions deepened my understanding.”

“They helped me to understand all the elements that are vital to planning an effective lesson.”

“Loved looking at positive behaviour management and the psychology of children”

“The session on questioning was really powerful and made me realise how vital it is to challenge children to really think about the things I’m teaching them.”

“Great, very interesting and informative session surrounding inclusion.  Good practical advice to take into my school and build upon.”


Developing an Understanding of Assessment

“This was communicated really well.  It has been a massive focus within the school placement, HET sessions and university lectures.  I feel confident that I can apply this effectively and shows how well all the people involved in my training and development work together.  It made my role clear in monitoring my pupils are providing support to help them progress”


Support in Preparing for Teaching Posts

“Two really informative sessions. It was very useful to not only see a different setting but also observe other teaching.  I think it is easy to get stuck in one way of teaching at your home school, so other opportunities to see teachers within the alliance was really good.  Loved the visits to sessions from Carl Glasgow to help us with our applications and interview skills.  A great personal touch”