We are planning to run a cohort of the OTL in the Autumn or Spring term.   We only run this programme by request and when there is need from schools.  If you are interested in this programme please contact Michael at or 0121 675 6051.

The cost is £450 per delegate but we will offer a discount for sending multiple delegates.

BTAS’s Outstanding Teaching and Learning Programme consists of:


Day 1   Full Day Session 9.00-3.00 

Tuesday 13th February

When does “Good” teaching become “Outstanding?”

  • Current OFSTED expectations.

What does Assessment for Learning look like at the outstanding level?

  • Outstanding Learning Objectives,
  • Outstanding Success Criteria,
  • Outstanding Teacher, Self and Peer Assessment.

Day 2    Full Day   9.00-3.15  

Tuesday 27th February

  • Maximising progress for all pupils,  with outstanding differentiation strategies.
  • Promoting and expecting outstanding Learning Behaviours.

Day 3  – Full Day  9.00-3.15

Thursday 8th March

What is questioning like, when it is Outstanding

  • Questions to promote learning
  • Questions to assess learning
  • Questioning to deepen thinking.

OTL Programme Reflection

  • Personal impact so far
  • Planning for future whole-school impact


Half Day Coaching    9.00-12.15

Monday 19th March

  • What is it?
  • Why Coach?
  • How to Coach.