About Us

Who we are

The Boldmere Teaching School Alliance is a partnership of over 20 schools across the North and Central areas of Birmingham.

Our Alliance members are schools in varying contexts, all of whom share a common goal of on-going school improvement through collaboration.

We work together, with partners to provide the capacity to deliver the Teaching Schools’ agenda.

By working collaboratively we believe that we are better placed to provide what the profession and the school system needs to develop and drive school improvement

We have other strategic partners with whom we work closely in order to deliver Initial Teaching  Training,  Professional Development, School to School Support and Teacher Research.  Our Major strategic partners include;

  • Birmingham City University
  • Create Development
  • Optimum Leadership Solutions
  • Best Practice Network
  • West Midlands Learning Alliance


Through our partnerships, we work with educational professionals and schools in the following areas:

  • Initial Teacher Training.  (School Direct)
  • Pre NQT; NQT and NQT + 1 programmes
  • Practical classroom strategies e.g. ‘Teacher Toolkit
  • Leadership development programmes (including subject leadership; middle leadership; senior leadership)
  • Support for schools tailored to the need of the individual schools.  This can include support from our National Leaders of Education (NLE’s) Local Leaders of Education (LLE’S) and National Support Schools (NCS) .   Our Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE’s) are also available for school-based support
  • Support for research work and projects, whether for individuals or schools